Organic Hamburgers

06/01/2013 20:57


Wednesday, 12 December an organic farmer Aivar Kallas visited our school. Students from

classes 4 and 7 took part of his lecture.


Within the first lesson he introduced the principals of organic farming, showing slides of

different fields, animals, farmers that would illustrate his speaking. He tried to explain to

us the importance of organic farming and why it is healthier and better than usual farming.

He talked about cows and sheep, about feeding them and about their delicious meat which

is the main goal. A few known faces could be recognised in the pictures because they were

taken in Kihelkonna where Aivar lives.


For the next lesson we went to the handicraft class to make organic hamburgers ourselves.

Students were divided into groups so that everything necessary would be done in time. The

first group split and baked the buns, the second one made the sauce and green salad and

the third one put the beef materials on the oven. The beef was made of local lamb and was

cut out of big meatballs into slices. The boys group cut the onions. When all the components

were ready we could assemble ourselves our hamburgers. They were delicious. Everyone

made the burger just like they wanted to. We drank apple juice and organic milk. Though it

was a bit too early in the morning everyone wasn´t ready to eat such a burger.


After the meal we were all full. We also had learned a lot about organic farming. Those two

hours had been very amusing. We think that we learned so much within those lessons.


Kevin, Märt, Kristel, Ketlin