Inglise keele- ja toidu Päev Valjala Põhikoolis/ English in the kitchen

09/05/2013 13:16

Neljapäeval,  09.05.2013 toimus Euroopa Päeva raames Valjala Põhikoolis Inglise Päev.

- algatuseks toimus vestlusring inglise keeles Martha Hubbart-i ja Alar Allasega.

- seejärel toimus 6-7 klassile töötuba " English in the kitchen" kus valmistati traditsioonilist inglise toitu.

Päeva pildid (Alar)/  näed siit:

Päeva retseptid: - Retsept I- Pastinaagi- seene vorm, õuna- rosina vorm; Retsept II- traditsiooniline leiva puding.

Martha Hubbart:

On a balmy spring da that whispered, ‘Winter is gone and summer can’t be far away,’ three techs from the Saaremaa Growing Gastronauts project drove to Valjala Primary School to help them celebrate Europe Day. My part in all this was to lead a workshop with some of their students - English in the Kitchen - with an emphasis on traditional English foods.

For this, I looked for recipes from those most traditional of English food writers, Jane Grigson, whose 1978, Vegetable Book, on cooking with English vegetables, has never been bettered and the queen of English food writers, Delia Smith’s Complete Cookery Course, also published in 1978.

We had been asked by our English partners to use a recipe featuring parsnips. I found a wonderful gratin with mushrooms. Alas, parsnips (Pastinaca sativa) are out of season here, so we substituted potatoes for parsnips. The results were delicious.

At the suggestion of the Head teacher, I also brought two dessert or ‘pudding’ recipes, Spiced Apple & Raisin Crumble and Bread & Butter Pudding with Jam.

We had 27 enthusiastic young people, who were divided into three groups, each producing one of the recipes. All of the children worked effectively and carefully. Soon three large baking trays were in the ovens and while those were baking, we cleaned up our kitchen and work-spaces and prepared the table for our shared tasting. 


‘Everything was delicious,’ they declared and the lack of left overs told us this was the truth.

A wonderful day with wonderful students and teachers!