Christmas Dinner

31/12/2012 21:04



There were ceremonial Christmas dinners for students and teachers on Wednesday, on the

19th of December, 2012. On that day lunch breaks were longer than usual. As always they

happened in two shifts - the first 1st - 4th grade and then 5th - 9th grade.

4th grade organized the first lunch break. Our class organized the second. We left boys out

of this event so that only girls helped around in the canteen. We divided girls into two groups

- the first group did preparations before the meal and the second group helped clean up after

the meal. In the first group there were Katriin, Kristel, Katrina, Aili, and Agne. They set

the tables for schoolmates and helped to bring the food to the tables. There was Estonian

Christmas food on the table - boiled potatoes, sauce, slices of pork, groat and blood sausages

and pumpkin salad. For dessert there was Napoleon cake which Delis really liked. There was

warm glogg for drinking, which tasted like blueberry. In the second group there were Helina,

Ketlin, Marilin, and Delis. Their task was to wash the dishes, take away the leftovers, put

chairs under the tables, and check the canteen. Comparing to last year, this year's food was

too usual because on Christmas we usually eat the same food at home.