A Meeting at Ranna Villa

12/01/2013 22:14


A Meeting at Ranna Villa

On 10 January, 2013 students from classes 4 and 7 took part in a trip to Ranna Villa organic farm under the leadership of Aivar Kallas. The point of the visit was to see some Scottish Highland cattle and to hear some thoughts about raising them.

The trip started in the morning after the first lesson and we were away for about two hours. The ride was quite long because the farm was near Mustjala, by the sea. The place was really beautiful. It was winter, cold and windy, but most of us had expected that and were wearing warm clothes.

When we reached our destination, the owner, Kairo, told us about his farm and its first years. He also talked about how to raise animals and a little bit about their different characters. Then, we were taken to see the cattle – we were allowed to feed them with slices of bread. There were a couple of hundred brown and black animals and they were all orderly put in pens. They were very hairy, lovely and made funny noises, but they did not mind our being there and watched us calmly. The farmer introduced us some of the oldest and youngest ones. They all had Scottish names, but the same surname: Ranna Villa. There were also two horses in one of the pens.

When our tour was over, the owner gave us some homemade canned beef, which was really delicious. Later, the farmer's massive dog wanted to join us on the bus – it was hilarious! On the way back, Mrs. Lindau took pictures of swans by the sea. The trip was quite interesting and time went fast.